Abdullahi Alim wants to change the face entrepreneurship in Australia.

The researcher from ECU’s Global Practice Issues Centre (GIPCEN) is dedicated to helping young people play a role in tackling global issues.

“The only way we can really address the big challenges the world is facing, from the human migration crisis to combating online hate speech, we need to tap into the knowledge and skills of all Australians, regardless of their demographics” he said.

Hacking for change

The 24 year old, who was named the WA Young Australian of the Year for 2016, runs regular Hackathons, which bring young people together over three days to devise tech-based solutions to global issues.

“Hackathons are a way to get people with varied and different skills working together in the same space to create solutions,” he said.

His Hackathons have attracted funding from the Australian Government, the US Department of State and Google.

“New ideas can come from anyone, there is no one face of innovation,” he said.

For example, his Hackathons have included survivors of terrorist attacks, former members of extremist groups as well as young activists.

Global Issue Practice Centre

GIPCEN was established by Dr Anne Aly in 2015. The Centre is focused on research into  countering violent extremism, deradicalisation and the the victims and survivors of terrorism.

Visit the GIPCEN web page for more information about the Centre’s current research projects.