Unconsciously creative

WA Screen Academy

ECU students had the chance to peek into the unconscious mind of a comedy legend when John Cleese spoke to them about a topic close to his heart: creativity.

The Monty Python and Fawlty Towers star shared insights into his creative process with WA Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and WA Screen Academy students at  an event to celebrate ECU’s 25th anniversary.

“Creativity is extraordinarily important, whether you are in the arts or in business. All creativity comes from the unconscious,” he said.

“There are some extremely intelligent people, much brighter than I am, but they’re not creative, because if you’re logical in your thinking process, the result is not going to be creative.”

“To be creative you’ve got to create space. You need boundaries of space and boundaries of time, because if you’re interrupted it’s a disaster.

“You need to get yourself into a nice dreamy state, feeling nice and relaxed and calm, and then let your mind walk around the subject.

“If you can do that, then ideas will come.”

Mr Cleese urged the students to be adventurous in their ideas.

“Try new things, and start as soon as you can. The thing about writing is that it’s hard to start and it’s also hard to stop.”

Mr Cleese is just one of several international guests who have shared their expertise with ECU students. Hollywood star and WAAPA alumni Hugh Jackman, actor Jack Thompson and cinematographer Don McAlpine (Predator, Mrs Doubtfire) have all visited ECU in recent years.

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