inConversation brings together 54 researchers from Edith Cowan University (ECU) and the local, national and international community.

Drawing from fields as diverse as photography, architecture, performance, visual arts, teaching, politics, music, communications, writing, dance, science, cartography, e-research and geology this upcoming exhibition at ECU’s Spectrum Project Space is the culmination of cross-collaboration and interdisciplinary dialogue.

In August 2013 a call out from curators Lyndall Adams, Chris Keuh and Renee Newman-Storen asked for groups of cross-disciplinary/cross-art form collaborations to ‘make what you will’ and strongly encouraged crossovers between industry and institution. 

Involving performance, film, sculpture, artist books and large scale prints this exhibition will prove to be as dynamic as it is unique involving 54 artist researchers in 14 collaboration groups.

inConversation is a melting pot of messy never-endings and beasts of interdisciplinary collaborations with bold vision and subtle crossovers and meeting points.

The 54 exhibiting artists include:

 Lyndall Adams + Renée Newman-Storen + Christopher Kueh • Claire Alexander + EmilyAlexander + Hannah Conda • Frances Barbe + Mace Francis + Rusty Geller + Min Zhu + Majella Barbe • Lucinda Coleman + Miik Green + Charity Ng + KatieChown + Johannes Luebbers • Cornelius Delaney + Wayne Cristaudo + Mats Undén • Sue Girak + Louise Helfgott + Paddi Creevey + George WalleyVahriMcKenzie + Jacob Lehrer + Gemma Ben-Ary + Alex McKee • Gabrielle Metcalf + Teresa IzzardHeather Boyd • Perdita Phillips + Astrida Neimanis + Meghan Moe Beitiks + Catherine Higham + Melissa Charenko + Leonie Dunlop + J Scott MacIvor + Anna Bowen • Sarah Robinson + Marija JukicNick Mortimer •Nien Schwarz + Nandi Chinna + Michael Wingate + Danna Checksfield • Rochelle Summerfield + Samantha Crameri-Miller + Rebecca Ingram • SharonThompson + Liz Stops + Carolyne Lewis • Paul Uhlmann + Finn Pedersen + Marcella Polain • with catalogue essays by  Lyndall Adams + Renée Newman-Storen + Christopher Kueh • Clive Barstow + Maggi Phillips + Stuart Medley •

Spectrum Project Space

Building 3  Room 3.191  2 Bradford St  ECU Mount Lawley  Western Australia