Student’s Passion for Print Spells Exhibition Success

Visual Arts

After winning the 2014 Arts in Focus award for her printmaking work, Visual Arts student Rebecca Jensen had the opportunity to host her first solo exhibition at the Joondalup Art Gallery in June. Rebecca’s collection, entitled “Mĕi”, featured delicate prints inspired by the imagery of Jorge Borges’ short story ‘The Library of Babel’. With spiralling staircases, intricate shapes, rambling symbols and converging lines, Rebecca’s work is beautifully presented on layers of paper and pages from dismantled books. 

The Visual Arts student found great inspiration in Borges’ text, and worked with the concept of an endless library as a metaphor for life. She used elements of the Chine-collé printmaking technique and played with the notions of ignorance, recognition and understanding. Her prints represent an exploration of literature, a journey of self-discovery in a seemingly infinite world.

“It was an amazing opportunity to host my first solo exhibition, and really get in touch with our local arts community which has so much to offer.” Rebecca, who is also completing a minor in Chinese, added that, “I wanted to evoke notions of naivety by blending Chinese and Japanese concepts that are commonly misidentified, provoking people to look a little deeper and questions things.”

Rebecca’s resounding success with her first solo exhibition has opened further doors for the emerging local artist who will join a number of other ECU students who have been selected to travel to Shanghai in September for a study tour as part of the Third Space Collaboration with the University of Shanghai Science and Technology (USST).

Visual Arts Coordinator Dr Paul Uhlmann reflected on Rebecca’s work and states that, “It is marvellous to see Rebecca focus so intently on this body of work…I enjoy the way her work could be seen as being an active meditation on the process of reading. In many ways these works are puzzles for the viewer and their power lies in her skilful and imaginative marriage of image and text.”

Rebecca is currently completing her final year of the Bachelor of Arts course and hopes to pursue Honours in Visual Arts in the future. If you are interested in studying Visual Arts at ECU, visit our Communications and Arts study areas web page.