Scholarship enables cultural exchange

French and Japanese

The ability to immerse herself in the language, history and culture of Japan is what ECU student Mariko Huartson believes she will gain most from receiving a 12-month scholarship to study there.

Mariko is the proud recipient of one of two Western Australian Japanese Studies Scholarships from the Department of Education Services. The scholarships are awarded to promising young Western Australian students from a large pool of undergraduates and postgraduates who have training and/or experience in a professional discipline as well as an understanding of the Japanese language.

She will study at Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU) for between 6 to 12 months and will receive a return airfare, an initial payment of $3,000 for fees and other expenses and a monthly maintenance allowance of approximately $2,500.

After initially studying Speech Pathology for over three years, Mariko’s view changed from a medical perspective to a linguistic one, which influenced her decision to study Japanese.

She is currently in her third year of a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Japanese and has a passion for pronunciation.

“I would love to teach Japanese at the conclusion of my studies. Hopefully I can help others with their pronunciation and articulation of the two languages,” Mariko said.

“I believe the knowledge I’ve gained from my Speech Pathology studies will assist my teaching methods,” she said.

As a side project, Mariko would also like to produce some YouTube videos to assist Japanese people with their English pronunciation and English-speaking people with their Japanese.

Mariko will head to Tokyo in September this year to take up her scholarship at TMU and while she is excited by the prospects that await her, she said she will also miss her friends at ECU.

“Everyone is so friendly at ECU, I’ve loved every moment of my studies and my lecturers are the best, they’re so supportive.

“But I can’t wait to go to Japan. I feel so incredibly privileged to have 12-months there to fully experience the culture and history,” she said.

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