Measuring Young Adult Attitudes of Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health


The Mental Health Commission in partnership with Edith Cowan University has launched a Young Adult Drug and Alcohol, and Mental Health Attitudes survey.

What we already know

While a small minority of young people engage in the use of drugs, it is proven that this behaviour can cause severe health impacts to those involved. It is well established that some mental health issues increase the likelihood of people using drugs, and that drug use can exacerbate symptoms of mental health issues. Knowledge of drug and alcohol use, as well as the mental health of young adults (aged 18 – 35), is limited. Previous survey measures have examined school-aged young people and older adults. We know that drug use varies considerably between 18 and 35 year olds and with this 18 – 35 age bracket typically representing the period of highest alcohol and other drug consumption in a person’s lifetime, this knowledge gap needs to be addressed.

What we hope to gain

This survey is designed to gain up-to-date information about attitudes related to drug use from this key demographic. Knowing what is used and how it’s being used assists in building a profile of drug use among this population with the aim of developing services to help young people. This survey asks about attitudes regarding usage habits and mental health issues. We hope to gain a realistic snapshot of alcohol and other drug use, and attitudes towards depression and anxiety in young adults. This information will be used to measure prevalence of alcohol and other drug use and your knowledge of/attitudes towards mental health.

How does this affect you?

The outcome of the information you provide will be used to better understand attitudes that can inform treatment initiatives designed to assist young people with drug use, alcohol or mental health issues. This information is essential to develop policies and provide services associated with substance use and address mental health within the community.

Get involved

Participation in this research involves the completion of an anonymous, online survey. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Participation is completely voluntary and you are able to withdraw your consent to participate at any point. Any data collected to the point of withdrawing will be retained as it is anonymous. By completing this survey you will go into the draw to win Gold Class Movie tickets! Competition entry information is not linked to the survey data collected.


To participate in this survey, visit the Measuring Young Adult Attitudes of Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health registration page.