Solutions for enhancing happiness in the City of Fremantle have inspired an innovative collection of works from ECU’s School of Communications and Arts’ design students.

The Happiness Project is a collaboration between ECU and the City of Fremantle. The project has seen students research and define a challenge in the City that could be solved, alleviated or exposed through communication design.

The students looked at areas such as health, environmental, economic and social design and their projects needed to address happiness in the City.

The outcomes are a range of inspiring and innovative ideas which will be exhibited at the Fremantle Town Hall during July.

Caitlin Brass’ bush tucker design seeks to activate people’s senses as the means to explore the City of Fremantle.

Another innovative idea by Natalie Sullivan proposes a series of design touch-points to encourage people to cycle in the City of Fremantle.

Senior Design Lecturer Dr Christopher Kueh said the best projects sought to provide new interaction and experiences by engaging Fremantle communities.

“These projects go beyond marketing and advertising,” he said.

“Students developed community-based design ideas by conducting thorough research to understand people’s needs, and turn them into fun-filled ideas that aim to generate happiness.”