Guest lecture by Dr Lella Nouri of Swansea University, UK

Politics & International Relations

The Centre for Global Issues presents "Exploring the extreme right on social media: A comparative analysis of Britain First (UK) and Reclaim Australia’s use of Facebook and Twitter", a guest lecture by Dr Lella Nouri of Swansea University, UK.


Social media plays a key role in the spreading of radical and extremist ideas. Despite a wealth of research on the spread and influence of Jihadist content, there is limited existing work related to the Far Right extremist movement. Groups such as Britain First in the UK and the United Patriots Front and Reclaim Australia in Australia, are on the rise in terms of members and followers. These groups have been known to engage in violent extremism and their violent activities are increasing. For these groups, gaining a strong online presence has become increasingly important. This presentation showcases the findings of a pilot project, conducted in collaboration with a social media analytics company ‘Blurrt’, which has captured detailed information on the conversation and engagement of these groups on Facebook and Twitter. The analysis has revealed the processes by which propaganda is released, disseminated and spread on social media, and how different platforms are used to achieve different goals. This presentation will focus on revealing key comparative findings about the language adopted in tweets and posts and what this tells us about how these groups are using the respective social media sites.


Dr Lella Nouri is a Lecturer of Criminology at Swansea University, specialising in terrorists’ use of the internet. Lella’s background is interdisciplinary in nature; she studied for her PhD in Politics and her MA in International Relations. Lella’s recent research has focussed on the growing use of the internet by far-right extremist groups; currently she is leading an interdisciplinary team examining extreme far-right groups’ usage and influence on popular social media sites. Lella is also part of Swansea University’s multidisciplinary Cyberterrorism Project in the UK ( In 2017/18, Lella will also be the holder of a UK-US Fulbright Commission Cyber Security Award spending six months at the Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. At the Orfalae Center, she will be analysing the use of social media by extreme far-right groups across the US and UK, examining the processes by which online communities are constructed and maintained.

Event details

Date: Tuesday, 5 September 2017 
Time: 2.00pm - 3.00pm 
Venue: ECU Joondalup Campus, Building 7, Room 7.104 
Cost: Free 
RSVP: Please confirm your attendance via email to Jamal Barnes

Dr Nouri will also be presenting a Masterclass on Thursday, 7 September. If you would like more information, please contact Jamal Barnes.