Graduates help Paper Planes take flight

Film & Video and WA Screen Academy

Some of Australia’s biggest films are being made with the help of graduates from ECU.

Four WA Screen Academy graduates recently had the opportunity to put theory into practice with production roles in the Australian family drama Paper Planes.

The movie, starring Sam Worthington, follows a young Australian boy with a passion for flight and the challenges he faces to compete in the World Paper Plane Championships in Japan.

Arwen Gunter completed her Master of Professional Communications at ECU in 2013. Her primary role on Paper Planes was Video Split Operator, however she also acted as 2ndCamera Assistant to the two main camera units. 

 “It was hard work as there were a lot of location changes but it was a great opportunity to learn, as it meant I was close to the action and could see the techniques they used,” Arwen said.

“It was a fun experience – my first feature – and I never would have had the opportunity without the WA Screen Academy,” she said. 

Fellow Masters of Professional Communications graduates Hannah Moran, Matt Hodgkinson and Cody Cameron-Brown also secured various production roles in Paper Planes.

The movie, which is now screening, has taken more than $7 million at Australian cinemas since being released on January 15.

The WA Screen Academy offers a one-year intensive filmmaking course based at ECU and affiliated with the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

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