Not only great teachers and writers major in English. The list of famous English graduates spans the entertainment industry: from filmmakers (Steven Spielberg) to actors (David Duchovny, Reece Witherspoon). Even the President of Nickoledeon/MTV majored in English. English will prepare you to enter the world of work as a rigorous reader, compelling writer, effective speaker and an engaged, respectful world citizen. In other words, English will provide you with the marketable skills of a leader. At ECU, English is only one stream in a widely divergent School that spans the Humanities, Communication and Contemporary Arts. You will be in a unique position to devise your own programme of specialised literary study: perhaps combining English with a second major in Creative Writing, Script Writing or Journalism for careers in publishing, or a second major in Communications or Creative Industries for careers in either. English also operates in close conjunction with Education programs for students at ECU who wish to teach.