ECU Pregnancy to Parenthood Clinic a World First


As part of their clinical Psychology placement, ECU Master of Psychology Students now have the opportunity to work in a leading research hub at the ECU Psychological Services Centre in Joondalup.

This state-of-the-art community clinic and training centre is now home to the ECU Pregnancy to Parenthood (P2P) Clinic where students have the chance to provide services to the public under the direct supervision of experienced Clinical Psychologists. The ECU P2P Clinic is a perinatal, infant mental health service and training program which provides support for families from pregnancy to 3 years. This service is aimed at ensuring optimal psychological, emotional and social wellbeing for mothers, fathers, infants, young children and families.

At the 2016 International World Association of Infant Mental Health Conference in Prague, ECU staff member Dr Lynn Priddis will present an outline of the ECU P2P service delivery model and the student experience in this world-first placement opportunity.