Contemporary fashion turning Japanese


Contemporary Fashion and Textiles student Vynka Topham will present a collection of designs showcasing fabrics she developed with renowned Japanese textile companies as part of the Western Australia – Hyogo Banshu Textile program.

Vynka, along with two other students from Western Australia, will exhibit at the 2014 Banshu-ORI Collection. They are amongst a privileged handful of young designers who have gained the rare opportunity to collaborate with celebrated Japanese textile companies, Ozawa Textile and Naigai Orimono.

The Hyogo Banshu Textile program, now in its fourth year, allowed Vynka the opportunity to learn from one of Australia’s most celebrated designers, Akira Isogawa, who was also working with the Japanese companies on the development of his own textile collection.

Vynka travelled to Japan in March this year to work with the Japanese textile companies and develop fabrics for her own collection. She also took part in an exclusive tour of the textile companies and their manufacturing processes.

Vynka gratefully took in the experience and expertise offered by Akira Isogawa during collaboration sessions where he encouraged and mentored the students.

She said Akira also allowed the three young designers the rare opportunity to sit in on his own textile collaboration, which will be part of his SS15 collection.

“Akira really took time to understand our concepts and assisted in translating our ideas to the technicians during the collaboration process.”

Vynka’s Banshu-inspired work will be on display from 21 October 2014 as part of the 2014 Banshu-ORI Collection at enex100, Hay Street Mall, Perth.

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