As the closing event in the School of Communication and Arts two-week graduate exhibition BROOD saw 15 young School of Communications and Arts Contemporary Fashion graduate students present their work to the public - in exhibition and on live models – on the evening of Friday, 12 December 2014. The event took place in ECU’s own gallery space Spectrum and its surrounding areas.

Each student had created a collection of garments that drew on diverse ideas and interests including biodynamics, bugs, 1940’s gender roles, sensations of water, qualities of lemon and the ageing process.

Garments from each collection were paraded through the gallery space accompanied by specific sound tracks selected by the students and manipulated by local musician Jake Steele.

The student’s ideas and garments were also shown in the exhibition as photographs, artwork and video pieces.

One of the students, Wenbin Wang, who uses garment, photography, direct mark and text to explore ideas of self and experience, appeared in his own pieces throughout the night.

As is typical with ECU Contemporary Fashion events, the general public was invited to move through the space and consider the static works as the models pass by. They joined a number of Perth Fashion Bloggers who also came to cover the event.

Overall the event was a huge success and another great example of the amazing work coming out of the ECU Fashion department. Brood was the perfect way to close the School of Communication and Arts two-week graduate exhibition.