Books as art

Visual Arts

The works of nine talented ECU Visual Arts students will stand side-by-side with highly regarded international artists at an exhibition of artists’ books in Perth.

Between the Sheets: Artists’ Books Exhibition, organised by Gallery East, will see works on display from 53 artists from Australia, England, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Singapore, UK, USA and Zimbabwe.

ECU Visual Arts and Printmaking Coordinator Dr Paul Uhlmann will exhibit alongside his budding artists at the exhibition.

Many of these students have worked with Dr Uhlmann and Dr Marcella Polain in a unit entitled Artists Books: Materiality of Word and Image. Dr Polain is a writer and she encourages students to comprehend how text may be considered to be a poetic image while Dr Uhlmann works with students to develop these ideas visually.

Dr Uhlmann said he is delighted to see the students embrace this wonderful opportunity to showcase their artistic talent in this unique way.

“We have encouraged our students to express themselves through this method of working and thinking. Books are like portable exhibitions and can travel inexpensively interstate and overseas for exhibition.

“What is marvellous is that students from various diverse fields such as Writing and Visual Arts can make books like this to create hybrid forms of expression which work with word and image,” Dr Uhlmann said.

Gallery East Director David Forrest said artists’ books challenge the notions of the traditional book.

“Books as art objects become more than containers of information, but works of art in themselves.

“We are delighted not only by the representation of leading international and Australian artists working in this field, but also the keen interest shown by graduating artists from ECU,” Mr Forrest said.

Between the Sheets: Artists’ Books Exhibition takes place at Gallery Central, 12 Aberdeen Street, Perth from 7 March until 2 April, 2015.

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